Working on my White Bean Dip recipe for you

I am flattered to have had requests for this recipe from so many of you. We serve it at “a la tavola” with warm, crusty bread. I have not been holding it back; I’ve just been really busy due to the immediate success of our restaurant (thank you all for that, too!) and the many worthy events that we participate in. So, my very next priority is to re-work my recipe for you, for home quantities. I don’t imagine you want the six gallon recipe? LOL

So come back in a few days, and it will be here.

Might be a great thing to make for Dad on Father’s Day. Or simplify the gift giving and drop by for a Gift Card. I am a father of three girls, and whenever I get a restaurant gift from the family, I take them there with me! So a La Tavola Gift Card for Dad is a win:win.

Tanti auguri,

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